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        B2B Marketing Blog

        B2B Marketers Guide To End Of Year Planning

        What happens once a year where people get so excited they don’t need their morning coffee?

        Answer: End of year planning.

        All jokes aside, the most important elements of a B2B marketing strategy is knowing where to find potential customers, how to reach those potential customers to fill the funnel, and how to compete to close those customers. Marketers can improve their strategies with end of year planning.

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        Topics: reporting, B2B Marketing

        6 Marketing Reports Used To Develop Competitive Advantage

        In 2007 the Harvard Business Review Press published, "Competing On Analytics: The New Science of Winning" and made an observation.

        Companies are competing on analytics and those that can make use of those analytics are the ones who gain a competitive advantage.

        Making this relevant to marketers, competitive advantage means:

        • Establishing a lead nurturing path that works

        • Improving velocity through the funnel

        • Increasing BOFU win rates

        • Spending less on paid media and content but generating more leads 

        So you’ll get that done by Friday?

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        Topics: reporting, demand generation, marketing reports

        Creating Salesforce Marketing Reports

        When we think of Salesforce, we typically think of it’s main use case, which is pulling together relevant information for sales so they can track and close deals. However, CRMs hold great value for marketers as well.

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        Topics: salesforce, marketing, reporting, report

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